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Xtra Size Capsules



Xtra Size Capsules Discription:

The Powerful Male Enhancement Formula is Xtra Size capsules. Consists of botanical and herbal ingredients that improve male performance. It restores male confidence and boosts the stamina for sex. It improves blood circulation to prolong the duration of sex. For a longer duration sex support stamina and sex drive to maintain harder, bigger, and stronger erections. Enjoy healthy sex with your partner with Xtra size capsules!

Before the last 30 minutes of sexual activity take one capsule with water. Before using the male enhancement formulae must consult with a doctor. Not recommended for under 18 individuals and the severe health problem.


  • Use to cure the impotence, erectile dysfunction, and poor ejaculation
  • Use to larger the size and girth of the penis
  • Increase the circulation of blood in penny
  • Support the harder and bigger erections
  • Promote sex drive
  • 100% natural ingredients are used
  • No side effects