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Luvpump breast Enlargement




Luvpump breast Enlargement Description:

Luvpump Breast Enlargement Pump is a reliable sex toy to naturally increase the size of breast, sensitivity, and sectional play. It is a high-end finger grip pump with high vacuum power to naturally uplift your breast. It increases blood circulation that promotes sexual sensation and vaginal secretions to prolong the duration of intercourse. Get the desired cup size to make passionate love with your partner all night long!
Increase sensitivity, breast size, and sectional play abilities
Non-surgical procedure to increase breast size
Promote elasticity and collagen production
Promote vaginal secretions and sexual sensation
High-vacuum finger grip pump
Made of body silicone and ABS material
Easy to use sex toy
Suitable for all skin types
Put the quick-release valve on breast and press the suction pump firmly. Hold it for a minute and release slowly. Remove it immediately when you have achieved the desired size of the breast.