Hammer Of Thor Capsule


  • The advantages of Hammer of Thor capsules
  1. Increased blood flow to the penis
  2. Results in a strong erection that lasts for a long time
  3. Increased sex drive
  4. Increase your penis size
  5. Boost your sperm
  6. Make your happy nightlife
  7. Increase your sex timing
  8. Resolve your sperm quantity issue
  9. Hammer of thor make your happy nightlife
  10. More intense sex that lasts for longer
  11. A bigger and stronger penis
  12. More intense orgasms
  • How to Use

Consume one pill before the sexual activity. One pill at once is enough, and you can consume a maximum of 3 days regularly at different times. Do not take a dose more than the recommended dose and don’t take more than one tablet at a time. The product needs 30 minutes to effect.

  • Ingredients:-

– L-Arginine

– Ginger

– Giloy

– Joyful

– SafedMoosli

– Mucuna

– Cistanche

– Tongkat Ali

– Horny Goat Weed

– White Onions


  • Product Description:
  • Hammer of Thor Capsules

Some males have issues with their sex life, such as erectile dysfunctions, a lack of sex drive, premature ejaculation, or a penis that is too small in size. They don’t have enough money for hormone treatments also treatments may have bad effects on their health.

They use different products but do not gain any benefit. The Hammer of Thor pills will assist you to get stronger erections that can last for a longer time,  libido, and better sexual pleasure, and also make your genital organ grow in length and width.


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