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Carcinia burner



Weightloss Capsules Description:

Carcinia Burner weightloss capsules are popular to burn pounds of fatty acids in thighs, arms, calves, abdomen, belly, and other body parts. Its active ingredient ‘’ Garcinia cambogia’’ is a tropical fruit that blocks an enzyme called citrate lyase. Hence, the fat production decreases. Moreover, it releases serotonin hormone that reduces appetite and makes you feel less hungry. These weightloss supplements speed up metabolic rate to get rid of deposited fatty acids in body.

Take one capsule with one glass of water before or after meals. This product is not suitable for breast-feeding mothers, pregnant females, and patients suffering from serious medical conditions. We recommend you consult a licensed physician before using these weightloss supplements.


100% natural weightloss formula

Reduce deposition of fatty acid in adipose tissues

Speed up metabolic rate

Reduce appetite

Get a sleek, firmer, and fit appearance

Improve mental and immune health

Safe to use